Who are ‘pollsters’ asking?  I use the internet exclusively for just about everything and except for one Arbitron poll back in the fifties, I’ve never been asked ‘my opinion’ about any issue. (I couldn’t respond since I was in the industry) Have You?

I would like to know just who these people ‘sample’ for their poll. It appears that the query goes to a pre-selected segment of the population, especially if it’s about our President. Do you truly believe the numbers spouted as to the “WALL”? How can any thinking citizen NOT favor protection from ‘illegals’? I’ve heard it said that most polls express opinions of non-English speaking and those who, “If their brain, loaded with C-4, exploded at once it wouldn’t even ripple their hair”. That sounds rather tacky to me, but something is wrong. How can a majority of folks who overwhelmingly support our President not show up in poll after poll? 

‘Tis a Puzzlement, donchaknow. Really! I would really like to know if any of “my friends” have ever been included in one of these ‘Polls’. And if any ‘pollster’ is tuned in here, put your name and number in “Comments” and I will call and enroll. My dance card is very empty these days and I have all the time in the world to respond, donchaknow. Really. And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. May the Lord Bless You and Keep You.      AMEN

2 thoughts on ““YOU?”

  1. Jim, I regularly answer poll requests from YouGov.com. I also get some from another pollster whom I believe to be Harris polls but they don’t always acknowledge exactly who the polling service is and definitely DO NOT disclose who is financing the poll. I’ve started getting many rejects because I don’t like to give answers on certain questions within the parameters the polling organization prescribes. In particular, if they require an answer and don’t give me an option for ‘prefer not to say’, I’ll just jump out of the questionnaire.

    I doubt any of my answers on that entire questionnaire will be counted! Some polls will have an option for those answers and others require a definite answer. One of the most common rejectors for me is a question demanding to know my income within certain ranges and don’t give an option for ‘$0’ or ‘Prefer not to say’. Another involves certain health questions. Not answering those, gets you disqualified from those polls. I’ve answered questions on many things but you have to be aware of and carefully read the question. They can be very deceptively worded!!!!!

    Also, a ‘poll’ queries a limited number of people and those numbers are then statistically multiplied to ‘supposedly’ indicate the entire population’s opinion within some ‘statistical norm.’ I’ve been turned down on several polls lately when I was completing the background questionnaire. The reason was something like, “We’re sorry but we have already received input from the required number of participants in your (locale, zip code, state, or some other category.)


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