Dog ‘n Bone

After a long day at K-9U, Kay Gee gets a treat and a nap. There is “Peace in the Valley”

I have written much about this Husky. She is a very special friend who requires much observation. this breed is not for the elderly faint of heart, donchakno. I met my first Husky while enjoying lemonade in Austin, Texas with my past friend, Bill Arhos. The look on his face told me what I felt to be true as he looked past my shoulder with wide-eyes and whispered, “Don’t Move!”. Then I felt what he was concerned about. Resting on my left shoulder was the snout of a huge Siberian Husky Male who came to visit from next door. There was just enough pressure to tell me, “Careful, Stranger”, and I was. Very slowly the pressure lessened and equally slowly, I turned to look into the bluest eyes I had ever seen. This dog must have weighed over 75-pounds and was gorgeous! He stood quietly and allowed me to gently rub his chest. (They love that, donchaknow) He then looked across the table at Bill, turned and sauntered home. I was hooked! I knew right then that ‘someday’ I would have one of those regal animals. I settled for an elkhound and ‘Thor’ was a gentle giant of great intelligence. Easily trained and obedient. Well, last year, I determined to fulfill my dream of a Siberian Husky. We found one on the internet and drove just a few miles north of Plano to check her out. It was very dark and we couldn’t find the house. So, the next day we received a photo of “KayGee” and was in love. The breeder was kind enough to bring the pup and a crate to Linda’s work site and we got our Husky. “KayGee” was named after Crystal Gayle, the popular singer. She had a brown eye AND a blue eye and thus Miss Gayle’s bit hit was placed on her. (I didn’t want to insult the lady so I used ‘K’ instead of ‘C’).

I had my Husky! We enrolled her in K-9U Academy and she was the “Class Favorite”. She weighed 8-pounds and was just darling. Now, she weighs just over 40-pounds and is still darling, but also a ‘terror’. WARNING! “Do Not get one of these pups unless you can spend a great deal of time “Playing”!  And, they are not good ‘apartment pets’. We send her to “Doggie-Day-Care” once a week and that wears her out as depicted in the photo. A Husky ‘chews’, so find a ‘chew toy’ that will take a lot of action. The KONG bone has space in each end to allow treats to be inserted. That keeps her busy and is a blessing.Linda’s little ‘mix’, LUX and I love my Husky (she really is Linda’s Husky) and am learning to spend some time at ‘fetch’. Had I done my research, I probably would have chosen another Pomeranian, but she’s what I wanted and she’s what I got. Praise God! As soon as I get another job(HO HO) she will ‘go to school’ every day, donchaknow. And, that’s what I get From My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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