But Who IS the Bad Guy?

Appaling as it may seem, there are ‘candidates’ for high office who spout hatred and promise to do away with wounded warriors and the elderly. (I believe there were those running for office in the last election who’s agenda was the same) Listening to campaign rhetoric should make it easy to know who is whom, donchaknow.  Political Party or not, I will never vote for evil-spirited Hatemongers!  In the first place, should they be elected, and do as they wish to wounded and old, has it not occurred to them that they, too, could end up as “one-of-those”? How dumb can you get? As time goes on, it will be much easier to ‘know who is the best person for office, ’cause they will reveal their hearts in all the excitement of the campaign. All we must do is ‘listen’. The Sinister Minister is wiley, but not a threat when one approaches decisions with a righteous heart and that doesn’t come from natural intellect, news reports nor expert opinion. It only comes from God through His Gift of The Holy Spirit through Faith in Jesus Christ, My Lord! Our only HOPE is through study of Truth and that is only found in The Bible, in a prayer closet, alone with our Maker! I pray that America stops heading in our current direction and returns to the one True GOD.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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