Never Buy Canada Meds

Back in 2014 I got COPD meds from Canada for much less than here in the US. As a matter of fact they charged 2/3rds less for 90-day-supply than I would pay for 30-days here in my own country. So, when the 3-in-one meds came out, I priced them and it blew my sox off, donchaknow. Canada could supply 90-days for 1/10th of what the drug would cost here. So, I ordered back in October 2018. Sent my check (cashed within a week) and waited the 10-20-days they suggested. Here it is mid-February and still no meds from Canada. In the meantime, I worked at finding a special low price for the meds and did so, right here in the good ole’ US0fA. I called Canada in December and was told that my shipment had been held up ‘at the border’ in a routine drug bust and I would receive a new shipment in 10-20-days.On December 20th, I called and demanded a refund. I was told to expect a check within 10-20-days. In January, I called and asked “where is my check?” “Oh”, the lady said, “we tried to call for an accurated mailing address and never got a response”. “What number did you call?” She said it was the one on file, but since it didn’t work,  it was erased. “If you will give me the correct number and address, then we can close out your account and send your check”. I did so and now, still no refund. I called today and was told that the check had been issued on February 2 (a Sunday) and to expect it within six-to-eight-weeks, since it takes a long time from Canada all the way to Texas. I then responded,”Oh! Well we did away with the Pony Express some years ago.” Anyone send mail from here to Canada and back? (Linda says I’ll never see my money). I understand our Congress is attempting to outlaw drugs from Canada. I hope I get my check before they do that. Some believe it to be an attempt to protect suckers like me, but I think it’s simply to protect pharmaceuticals,donchaknow. Really.  And,that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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