My Daddy was a carpenter who built houses that made fine homes. He operated on the ‘plumbline’. His walls were perfectly vertical and his doors and windows hung perfectly. He used a simple weight tied to a long string to guarantee the work was correct. He would climb a ladder to the ceiling joists, hold the end of the string on it and drop the weight (plumb) so its tip was touching the the floor. He would have that mark placed on the floor. This done every 16-inches all around the room. The baseboard then was laid at each mark and nailed. Every wall in every room in every house was done this way. My Daddy’s floors were level. My Daddy’s walls were straight. My Daddy’s doors and windows ‘hung’ perfectly. All my Daddy’s houses needed was someone to live in them and love each other. My Daddy built houses that made for security because every nail was driven with ‘love’. Sam Austin was a ‘master carpenter’!  Every house I ever lived in had walls. Not all were like my Daddy’s since they weren’t built with ‘love’. Without ‘walls’ there would be no privacy, no safety, no security at all. Every home I’ve lived in had either ‘hedges’ or ‘walls’ for privacy. All these politicians who are doing everything they can to  protect Texas, Arizona and California from foreign invasion probably has a very well built security wall around their home. Why are they denying the same for my nation?  Why? Maliciousness and Hatred, that’s why. These confused individuals dislike our President so much they will go to any length to cause his terms in office to fail. The pitiful truth is our only source of information agrees with them. How dumb can we get?  You say, “I’m NOT dumb! I’m simply tolerant of the opinion of others and I don’t want to cause a stir.” OK! I understand reluctance, totally, but if you approve of Donald Trump’s efforts, say so! When you hear all the ridiculous rhetoric spouted from the left, respond. I see many who do, but “many” doesn’t equal the MILLIONS who supported our President at election time. 

Stand and be counted at the polls. a Loving Expression of disagreement seems to go a long way to squelch the rabble. But, I have one solution that only requires a moment of your time. The secret for America’s Security lies in one verse in God’s Word. You’ve heard me quote it many times. It’s in the Old Testament book of second Chronicles, chapter seven, verse fourteen! Read it for yourself and If the shoe fits, join me every Wednesday evening on ZOOM for an old timey prayer wheel meeting. I’ll be waiting at 7:30pm(central). Simply download the ZOOM app and it’s free! If interested, say “YES” and “Follow” in comments, here. Include your email and I will respond with connection details. “Where Two or More..”. Let’s put Prayer Power to work, America! That’s What I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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