That’s Entertainment?

My assessment of the NFL is “Doubly Disappointed”.

We pay extra to watch our favorite teams and get detritus.  My reasoning is based on what the league throws into the mix to make it appealing and get big numbers in household viewing. The added ‘features’ tells me that the league recognizes that ‘the game’ just isn’t enough. Think about it! The Super Bowl was a week-long attempt at glorification of a simple ‘game’. We got ‘what we will see’, then ‘what you are seeing’, and then ‘what you saw’, broken up into segments that were more for revenue than their audience. Now, all that is just to get to the playing of the game, but instead of a marching band we get a strip tease from some skinny dude with ‘tats’! I’m sorry, but other than an acceptable rendition of our National Anthem by Gladys Knight (leased her mother’s house during our run in Vegas), the whole thing was a waste of $5-million per commercial. (I will give NFL credit for the most entertaining minute with their “Fumble” commercial)  

The game proves that defense wins today. I have great respect for the Ram’s young coach. His offensive ‘genius’ was taken to school by a master of game-plan. The fact that he stood in front of post-game cameras and admitted that fact tells me that we missed the boat at hiring time, donchaknow. I just wonder if Coach McVay can address his team without swearing and ‘gutter’ words.

That’s what I get from May Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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