Cartoons should never win top movie awards!

Automation should never outrank ‘live’ talent, donchaknow. Cartoons have taken over movie production and to award something drawn in a studio with the top award for a motion picture seems to me to be an insult. Of course, we have evolved into ‘accept what is offered’ as entertainment. I find homosexuality to be disgusting. I refuse to watch anything that even hints at it. I know the price illicit sexual activity costs and I do not find it entertaining, at all. I paid the price for ‘living-together in an intimate relationship and that is something believers must totally avoid. What was so wonderful will eventually crash and burn. I know from experience. We live in make believe and believe it to be real. That is the price we pay for being human. I spent hours on Saturday at movie matinees watching ‘cliffhanger’ serials, but I knew they were fiction. Today, we are making the grave mistake of believing the lies of the master of untruth, the Sinister Minister and I believe the loss of quality films is one of his biggest victories. That goes for motion pictures, broadcasting and live theater. You have trouble finding any uplifting entertainment today and that’s a shame. The closest thing to it is “Blue Bloods”,  “Longmire” and Hallmark Channel. There’s no “Father Knows Best” or “My Three Sons” anymore, donchaknow. I’ve found the best, easy-to-watch is made by BBC. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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