Sin Explanation (at age 88)

How do we arrive with a decision as to “when to abort a baby?” how can anyone hold a tiny child in their arms and destroy that life? 

  • How can a thinking person allow illegals to flood into our country and then afford them the same benefits as citizens?
  • How can we see the actual numbers that indicate our economy is ‘booming’ and fail to attribute it to good leadership?
  • How else can anyone explain the employment positive employment figures?
  • How can any sane person stand and look at their nude image in a mirror and wonder about ‘gender’? 
  • How can anyone be confused as to sexuality?sin against God
  • How can anyone so readily and easily lie to, cheat, steal from, libel or slander, rape, abuse, terrorize, terrify, murder or commit any sin against God and think it O.K.?

There can be only one explanation for all SINS. It’s called being ‘human’. Doing so is easy when anyone yields to the power of the Sinister Minister. Yielding is easy and ‘natural’ without the truth of God’s wish for us all. Scripture says it, over and over, Jesus Christ says, “I am the way the truth and the light. No one comes to the Father, except my ME!” Once we allow Christ into our hearts by Faith and Repentance, we are privileged to have the power over temptation. Nothing we can do otherwise will give us any hope of victory over the Evil One. Nothing!

That’s what I get from My “Birthday” Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

2 thoughts on “Sin Explanation (at age 88)

  1. Jim,

    As I prepared to send this, I remembered you are color blind, so here is the key to reading it and seeing it in color:

    H: Blue

    A: Green

    P: Yellow

    P: Pink/Lavender

    Y: Black

    B: Blue

    I: Black

    R: Green

    T: Pink/Lavender

    H: Yellow

    D: Blue

    A: Pink/Lavender

    Y: Black

    !!! Red

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!


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