A Barrel of Rot

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There is a stench over this whole nation. It is the rot of spoiled Americans who have fallen into the pit of deceit and dependance. It infuriates me that ‘money makes for success’ instead of morals. I can’t discard the appeals nor delete the emails fast enough. Honor is for sale -cheap today. Responsibility has given way to ‘what’s-in-it-for-me’ and ‘living a lie’ is acceptable. Being elected to an office should be all that is necessary to serve the needs of the electorate. No wealthy individual should be given control. Why are worthy causes forced to appeal for $19.00 a month? Why should illegals be given the benefit of true citizens? Why are we allowed to kill babies? Why are courts defending the abomination of sinful use of our bodies? Why are drugs legalized and the ‘hottest’ investment. Why are churches going ‘hip’? Why? Well, the answer is clear. When a nation fails to look to The Creator for what is needed, corruption conquers. We celebrate touchdowns much more that a soul being saved. We are more apt to pay someone else to rear our family and an honest day’s work is dumb. I’m fed up with the detritus that permeates the social media. I’m totally disinterested in knowing everything about everyone else. I think I’ll just sit quietly and read a good book. The Book of Psalm is a good start, donchaknow. Come on, America. Wake UP! We simply do not have time to waste! Really!! And that’s what I get from MY Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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