Sugar Ray and “empty seats”

We were playing Phoenix and Sugar Ray Leonard was also there for a match. We met in line for the dining room in our hotel and he indicated that he would love to see our show. I was warned, but had promised, so I reserved four good seats and told the cast that “Sugar Ray” was in attendance. I checked where his seats were and they were empty. Of course, I had also disclosed where he and his party would be seated and with the popularity of our show, four empty seats fourth-row-center would be quite obvious. Everyone but Jim Good was kind enough to not mention the fact that “J Nik” had been snookered. Jim was brutal backstage and I never reserved tickets again, even if I knew someone attending. Sugar Ray probably doesn’t even know that he missed a hoot of a show and to make matter worse, he won the boxing match and I didn’t go see him either.  If you know Sugar Ray, please thank him for me. At least I can rise above the occasion and be big about it. I even sang for Jim Good when he and a lady wed at Lone Star Brewery gardens. I bet all of us are totally retired and divorced. Birds of a Feather and all that, donchaknow. Really And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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