To KNOW Them

I would like to follow every office holder in Washington as they go to church. I would like to hear their prayers. I would like to observed them with their families on an outing. I would like to know what business interests they have. I would like to know them, personally; perhaps join them for a round of golf (I could drive the cart). I would like to accompany them to their favorite restaurant and favorite sporting event. I would like to sit down and chat with their neighbors. I would like to interview their Pastor/Priest and the teachers of their children. I really would like to be a guest in their home for four days and have them be my guest for three. I would like to be their ‘pen-pal’. I would like to pray with them. Of course, not one of these is probable, so how do we judge their service to us? Who do you think is truly “God’s People”?  Who are you truly comfortable with in making decisions for the common good? Is there one you can trust without reservation? Which elected official do you know for a fact that they have your best interest at heart? Can you respect every one of them? Just how important is integrity and honesty in government?  What are you doing to see that this is so? We all have opinions of others and based on what we say or write, how many get high marks? Do we really have all the necessary facts to make an accurate assumption?  If not, what??  And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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