The Distraction of Sadness and Grief

The past few days has been an Epiphany for me. Grief and sadness comes with the loss of a loved one. It impacts lives and leaves those who are outside God’s will, devastated and hopeless. Even though I’ve experienced loss of both family and close friends, it still hurts, deeply hurts. It is not a matter disrespect to move from grief to Glory!  As a believer, I expect tragedy and loss. The Bible is loaded with warnings of just what life will bring. I learned this at an early age when Psalm 23 was taught in Sunday School. Now, my family must move on. Marilyn Williams Austin is too marvelous a memory to continue to walk around under a dark cloud. Her life was one of giving and living to serve. She was a solid rock when left with four children to feed, clothe and shelter. I regret my part in that difficult time, but this special lady forgave me two years ago,when my second marriage failed. She must have felt exonerated what I had done came around to me. Now, the time has come for me to celebrate the life of my wife and I pray that my children walk out of the darkness of grief into the light of God’s Glorious Love for His children. The power to do so is awaiting! My heart overflows with love for those who so graciously recall the outstanding life of Marilyn Jane Williams Austin 1931-2019. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

One thought on “The Distraction of Sadness and Grief

  1. Sorry for your loss. Any loss regardless of the relationship leaves a huge impact on your heart and mind. Rejoice in the fact that you were a part of this person’s life. ❣️💔


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