Enough IS Enough

A lawsuit has been filed against the NFL following the highway robbery of a non-call at the very end of the game between the Saints and the Rams. Had it been the other way, even the Ram bench would have been furious.  It is time for the NFL to protect whatever truth remains by enforcing official review of ‘bad calls’. I saw the game. I saw the obvious interference and I was furious. Officials stop every game for good reason and sometimes for no reason. I propose “Official Review of every contested reception. What can a few more minutes be? That game should have been halted and whoever was the official “booth reviewer’, should have re-run the play. That receiver was tackled before the ball got to them. PERIOD! Someone was totally blind on that one. Perhaps prior to the game a panel of  3 fans could be selected at random to be the final decision makers, OR perhaps the NFL could select season ticket holders from teams that are not playing in the particular game. Pay for travel, meals and the game. I could do it when my Cowboys weren’t involved in a game. I saw interference overlooked at the Saints/Rams game that gave the Rams a berth in the cotton-picking Super Bowl. Disgusting!! Come on, NFL! This stinks! Makes my blood boil just thinking about a bunch of other bad ‘calls’ that robbed a team of glory, donchaknow. Really.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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