Volunteering can be “BUMMER”

God’s ” gifts” can get you in trouble.  It says in The Bible that everyone is created for a Godly purpose. Other than doing everything to the Glory of God, we each have a specific assignment and the innate ingredients to do it right. Mine ran their course in entertainment. I could always be a “ShowOff”, but those times would mostly turn out as a ‘flop’, since my urges were not ‘In HIS Will’.  The danger always would lie on what psychologists would term, “exhibitionism”. (Not Good,donchaknow) I’ve learned that when I do things “IN HIS WILL”, it blesses others and fills my heart with JOYOUS PEACE. It also can backfire. I can’t pinpoint the exact dates, but other than a stint as “Prince Charming” in a “Snow White” play in Elementary School and a bit part in the Senior Play at Mount Pleasant High, I didn’t get a chance to ‘Act’ (officially)  until Bryan and “Stage Center”. my first stage work for pay was at the Point Theater, outside Kerrville (1963?). I had the role of Prince Bounine in Amarillo Little Theater’s production of “Anastasia”  and then “Stage Center” in Bryan (“Anything Goes”, “The Crucible”, “Detective Story”, “The Best Man” and directed “Annie Get Your Gun”. My “need” was primarily met through my choirs’ performances, but I did have some success as a DJ, TV personality and PA announcer (for the Sam Houston State Bearkat Band and the Bryan Brrrroonco Band. I think I must be among a few ever “fired” from a volunteer position and both occurred in Bryan. I was ‘dismissed’ as PA announcer for the Bronco Band for one of our Homecoming games because I was a distraction and was summarily dismissed from participating in a “Pink Lady Follie’ because I was, by then, ‘persona non grata’. It all worked out, but at the time it was the “pits’. 

When you surrender ‘your’ will to that of God, you are flying on the wings of Eagles, donchaknow. Everything else is detritus. A good friend, Roger Raby, always told the cast of “TBLWHIT”, “Don’t Get Married to Anything”, he was single. I learned from the experience of being turned down that it is always a mistake to fall in love with everything you do since it could result in the tragedy of divorce and that’s the “Three-O Mark” for a bunch of mistakes and what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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