Steve Harvey and “The Blarney Stone”

Now here’s a guy who needs to fall on his knees in thanks! Not a week goes by that he’s assigned another ‘special’. Others are blessed when they get one regular gig on TV, but Steve?  Well, let’s just say that he is just right for the times. No telling what he could have done in past big hits like, “Queen for the Day”, “I’ve Got a Secret”, “To Tell The Truth” or “What’s My Line?”. Of course, he would have had to wear a mask and gloves, but otherwise he qualified. I’m being facetious, donchaknow. Steve and others of ‘color’ should truly be thankful that they didn’t live in those days. Early TV was a bit ‘racist’. White skin got the OK, but I recall my early days in television when the floor crew complained that ‘dark skin’ was hard to ‘light’. If you look at those early kinescope recordings, you see that. I Praise God that someone solved that ‘lighting’ problem and we have been blessed by some superb talent. There were no flies on “Cosby” and Oprah has class. Without Blacks, professional sports  would be in trouble. Steve deserves all the success he can get. I just hope he truly is as kind and considerate as he seems. We need more gentleness in our favorites, donchaknow.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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