“Toxic Masculinity”

Toxic masculinity” is a term from social sciences that describes norms of accepted behaviors among men that are portrayed as good and natural but are, in reality, physically, socially and psychologically damaging. The toxicity doesn’t come from being male or masculine.  

I looked this up since I am a male and certainly do not wish to be ‘toxic’!  Here we go again! The Sinister Minister and “antisocial” science have teamed up to classify all men as social mistakes. Don’t you see the fallacy of all this rhetoric? Of course, every human begins life “evil”. God made us this way for a purpose. That purpose is to come under conviction that our humanity is flawed and needs saving. Men will be ‘boys” for their entire life without remorse without Jesus Christ. It’s just that simple, but hard to prove, donchaknow. It’s not reserved for the male of the species, either. SIN runs rampant in every female and not one of you precious ladies have what it takes to counter temptation and live righteously without the saving power of the blood of Christ Jesus. This is certainly not just ‘me’ saying. This comes from Holy Scripture  and that has been labeled as “old fashioned and out-of-date by media. (which is another inversion of TRUTH led by the Sinister Minister) The whole world lives in debauchery and sin and simply LOVES it. I spend my days urgently encouraging study of God’s Word with application of same to every life. So, if you want to solve the ills of the world, forget it. It’s a total waste of time. This whole thing called ‘life’ is only a hyphen on a tombstone and all that happens, happens for a reason. Tragedy comes and those who know the TRUTH, praise a loving GOD for all of it. No wailing nor despair! Sing! Smile! Survive with the HOPE Eternal that is in CHRIST JESUS OUR LORD!  (Not my words, but that of OUR CREATOR and HE knows everything, donchaknow. Really) And that’s what I get from my ‘masculine’ Box of Chocolate.    AMEN

One thought on ““Toxic Masculinity”

  1. Good morning Jim. Reading your water wader and really enjoying your words. Some hit close to home but the Lord knows I need them. I have finally gotten back in church and the pastor has hit me many times. Praying for you and your family that all is well now. Love you.


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