The Christmas Puzzle

As far back as I  can remember, there was a card table set up with a “Christmas Jig Saw Puzzle” on it. Some were pastoral scenes and some were a complicated montage. Everyone, even guests, was invited to work on it. The only rule was that it would be completed by New Year’s Day. From the first one, it was traditional that Mother had the privilege of placing the final piece. If an unaware guest happened to place it, one of us would quickly remove it and leave it for Mattie T.

This year marks the thirtieth year for us to be without her and I still miss her, very much. I found a selection of very small (100 piece) puzzles. They arrived after the first of the year, so that tradition ended, but This “Christmas Puzzle” was completed in one setting. Well, less Mother’s last piece, donchaknow.  And That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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