When America Yields

For as long as I can remember, I believed that our country was truly God’s Gift to the world. I still believe that to be true, except for our practice of failure to keep our part of the bargain. We have taken the precious gift and tarnished it with sinfulness and greed. It hasn’t always been so, but today’s generation doesn’t know what patriotic respect really is. Whose fault is that?”If it feels good, let’s do it” has become the general practice in this nation.

Nothing is ‘new’ to God. He is in charge. America has taken advantage of His Mercy much too long!  The tragedies of today are like a “Peekaboo”, donchaknow.  All the things we find important are useless unless we are doing God’s Will. We stumble over “Free Will”, thinking we are so smart and clever on our own, but that’s dangerous. As far as I am concerned, we do not need to ‘Make America GREAT Again’, we need to make America RIGHTEOUS.  We’ve not attained that and never will until Americans change and do it God’s Way. We need to clean house where we live, first, then see to it that those who are selected to rule, do as God would have them do. We must demand that our laws reflect God’s Laws and our actions are in total Obedience. That’s why we were born and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.

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