The Light of the World isn’t man made

Jesus said, “I am the Light of the World.”  What does that mean to you? We have just gone through a season of football where less than a dozen cities placed their entire hope and value on a football team. Now, there are only 4 with championship possibility. Families are devastated. People find it difficult to even get up and go to work. Chicago and Dallas are among those whose ‘light’ has gone out. I can’t speak for Dallas and will not even enter conjecture as to what will happen at “The Star”,  but there is an eternal light shining in Chicago this morning. The Chicago Bears played the Philadelphia Eagles for the divisional championship and Cody Parkey was credited for Chicago’s loss. Cody is the placekicker and he missed a forty-three-yard field goal that gave the victory to the Eagles. This young man stood and answered the mass of queries for The Press, acknowledging his failure to his city, his family and his team. Never wavering in the negative limelight, he even accepted an invitation to appear on “Today” and answer their questions without reservation. It was obvious that this young man had something special that lifted him above the stigma of failure. When the final question came, Cody Parkey explained what that special thing is, “Football is what I do, not who I am”. Cody knows “The Light of the World”, personally. He will live with the disappointment and knowledge that he didn’t win, but he also knows that anything man-made is temporary when compared to the difference Jesus makes in man. This morning believers have the opportunity to let that special light shine to all the dimmed eyes around them. For we know, “Greater is He that is within Me, than he that is in the World”. That’s what Cody Parkey knows and builds his life around and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  May the Lord Bless You and Keep You and may He make his face to shine upon you and be Gracious and give you Peace. AMEN

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