The Truth About World Brotherhood

Pastor Adrian Rogers shared 

this in “Love Worth Finding”:

“…that we may be partakers of the divine nate.” 2 Peter 1:4Have you heard the phrase, “The universal fatherhood of God and the universal brotherhood of men”? It sounds warm and fuzzy, but it is cold and barren of truth. God is not the Father of all people; God is the Father of those who are born into His family. 
A while back, Mike Bisor, reminded me of the SFA choir’s participation in “Choir DAy” at the Texas State Fair back in the ’80’s’. What began as a mild day changed to freezing by one of Texas’ “Blue Northers”. It was a glorious experience of thrills and ‘chills’. The selection some 2000 voices shared that evening in the Cotton Bowl was “Let There Be Peace On Earth”. I am certain Mike and the other choir members will never forget it. At the time “The Truth About Brotherhood” probably didn’t mean much more than warm fuzzies, but it is one serious fact today, brought into focus by Pastor Rogers’ explanation. Unless each of those singers were “Believers in Jesus Christ”, all were NOT ‘kin’. I have previously pointed out that in 2 Chronicles 7:14, God addresses “His People”. Now, those people are brothers and sisters, and those prayers are heard by The Father. Isn’t is time for America to ‘get right’ and accept the Lord Jesus Christ? It is not done unless it is done individually. Yes, I would love for there to be Peace on Earth, but it will only come about when every living person finds peace in their heart through confession and repentance of sin and asking forgiveness for all sin from the ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, JESUS CHRIST, MY LORD! That’s what I get from My 
Box of Chocolates and that is my prayer today and every day. AMEN

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