No Way!

I’ve got some worry wrinkles that I do not wish to deepen. Life is tough enough not to have to suffer through more disastrous demonstrations of ineptness due to ineffective coaching. Jerry Jones loves Jason too much to have him pack his bags, so here’s my solution – once and for all!:

Jerry, you become simply “Owner” and let Stephen run the operation. “Promote” Jason to Stephens old office and assign him responsibility of simply sitting in your box and agreeing with you at all times, but stay off the field. Give Coach Richards complete control of the Cowboys and jersey “55” undere center. Dak is a very nice young man, so assign him a passing coach and have him become accurate. You sign all the checks, keep your helicopter, but only come to games and stay in your box. You deserve that….and make Zeke the Highest paid football player of all times. You do all this and once again regain the high level of respect you seek. (Oh, and put Jimmy in the ring of honor, for pity sakes!) That what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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