I will be leaving Facebook as soon as my Podcast is loaded on  www.waterwader.blog site.  There are postings there now, but soon I hope to share short video/audio visits there. Facebook has been a blessing, but reprobate hackers have turned into a minefield for me. Before I go, let me clarify just who I believe the Sinister Minister to be. I believe I was the first to coin the phrase (up until that day, I do not recall hearing it)

I thought it fit Satan perfectly. I still do. Now, from the intelligencia of the dark side, a friend has determined the name fits our President. My friend has every right to think and do a he wishes, but I pray that he will filter his rhetoric through Biblical Truth, someday….soon.  Anyone who fails to do so is simply shouting into a gale force of confusion. America has no choice but to surrender our will and do as we say in our Pledge of Allegiance..”Under GOD”.

Where is the LOVE? Oh, right! It’s in the mirror.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolate.   AMEN

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  1. Sinister Minister is most appropriate, and I will allow that it is your term. What is most interesting to me is the connection between sinister and left(politics). I wonder if your friend is left handed? I think he was left handed toward you.


  2. My first comment got lost, my second posted, but I didn’t get it all said. II Corinthians 11:14 explains why sinister fits. I pray that I will stay in touch on your blog, as I have greatly enjoyed your posts and videos? on FB


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