Orwell, Huxley and GOOGLE

Patent No. 10,114,351 is from giant Google that is being considered by those who oversee same. We already know that Alexa can listen to what is going on in our home, but this one goes a great deal further. If Google is granted the patent, there will be offerings that includes just what Huxley predicted in his novel, “1984”. You can rest assured that I will not knowingly purchase anything that will provide 24/7 video of my private life. We already have seen the abuse caused  by uncontrolled malice in social media. What Google is proposing rips away whatever ‘privacy’ we have remaining. They want to install video equipment with such detailed clarity that it can read  a newspaper headline from across the room, and, they would like to installed it in every room in our house! The only people I know who welcome such invasion of privacy are exhibitionists and the folks from Google.

I do not wish to know everything about everyone, do you?  Do you want anyone snooping while you are in your bathroom?  Bedroom? Romper Room? Any Room?  Not this old boy, for sure. Someday, we must get back to respect of the old saying, “It’s my business and that of nobody else”.

Huxley wrote a very frightening tale, but I never had the slightest hint that it was possible, did you? Look Out! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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