A Washtub full of Catfish

I am saddened to hear of the death of a dear friend. “Bud” Cargill was a very good friend to his neighbors and it cost him his office. I was privileged to run his campaign for County Commissioner some years back and was pleased that he won. Bud had a very large farm and on it were three fine lakes full of ‘blue cats’. Those delicious fish were averaging 3-pounds and I was allowed to fish for them. I purchased some minnows and drove out to my favorite fishing hole. I was using a spin-casting rod with a treble hook and float. In my folding chair, I cast a baited line out about 20-yards and sat down to wait. “ZAP!”, that float disappeared and I was in for a thrilling day of many “bites”. It wasn’t long until I ran out of my first batch of minnows. My stringer was full, so I drove to Bud’s house, borrowed a washtub and then drove to buy more minnows. I set another pole out and for the next hours, I was pulling in fine catfish from two poles watching the washtub fill up. I provided some fine eating for my neighbors and had fish left over for the freezer. That’s one of my fondest memories of Bud Cargill. He loved his friends and neighbors to a fault. Brazos County lost a “True Heart” who provided a good road home for many. Rest in Peace, Good Friend. AMEN

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