Hello World

I have been blessed by response of my blogs. Over the past few years, thousands of visitors have been kind enough to peruse my thoughts and lifting of the shade. Now, I have discovered Facebook Live. I have been sharing my thoughts there every morning for a while. I usually arise and shine, full of praise of a Loving GOD, around 4AM, central.  I pop a pod into my Keurig and light up my laptop with some wanderings and thoughts that are simply my own. I have the greatest admiration for Missionaries who sacrifice home and family to serve in foreign lands. They are doing what My LORD JESUS said in Matthew 28. I am home-bound, but I can utilize the video provision of Facebook and share as well…and it can be universal, donchaknow.  I have just over 50 folk who have indicated an interest. I have heard from people in every city where I have lived. I am truly blessed to be able to ‘visit’ with you again. I try to keep my time to around 30-minutes, but once I get rolling, it just kinda flows, donchaknow.  I am deeply concerned with the morality of America. I am opposed to the ‘dumbing down’ of our youngsters. I am determined to sound the alarm and encourage “ALL GOD’s PEOPLE”.  We are the lights that shine in the darkness of distrust and hopelessness.  NOT PERFECT, JUST FORGIVEN and JUSTIFIED by Grace and Mercy.  I invite anyone who desires to share the TRUTH of SALVATION to join me. I promise to pull no punches. The Shade Goes all the way to the TOP. Really. Should you not wish to be up so early, I leave each day’s visit for later perusal. It’s 2 Chronicles 7:14, every morning and that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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