Do You Carry?  It never occurred to me to ask anyone that question. I served on many Homeowner Association Boards, and never even considered that there were members who were ‘armed’, sitting around the table.  Oh, I knew there were members of my family who owned a firearm. I owned a few at times, but I would never have felt it necessary to ‘carry’.  I was shocked when, during a board meeting, one of the members reached into his pocket and placed a loaded automatic on the table. I was not present at that meeting and it’s a very good thing. I would have walked out. The other board members were not shocked, since they each had ‘carry permits’, themselves. I was the only one unarmed! When I asked each of them, “Why”, their answer was, “You never know when it will come in handy”. Since then, I’ve been a bit concerned. Concerned, not because of some stranger’s threat, but honestly, because of the threat of my friends. I ‘carried’ for a few months when I worked as a security officer for Lone Star Steel, back in the late 50’s. I sold the police special and never replaced it. I bought a Mauser rifle for deer hunting in the early 60’s, but found that I couldn’t kill a deer. I was taken to an excellent deer stand and saw some beautiful deer, one of which had a nice ‘rack’, but as I looked at them through a scope, I failed miserably as a ‘hunter’. I never fired a shot and was never asked back. I sold that rifle and when my uncle passed away, my Aunt Honey gave his rifles and shotgun to me. I have no idea as to what happened to them. I must admit that happenings can cause one to consider purchase of a firearm, but all I can do is pray that that moment never occurs. I have a neat little crossbow for the purpose of ‘having one’, but it’s on a shelf somewhere. I suppose I will always depend on JESUS for my comfort and peace.  Plano seems to be rift with violence and crime, but everywhere else is not much different, donchaknow.  I will leave my safety in the hands of those trained to provide it. I will live my life, “NEVER ALONE”. Really. The only ‘permit’ I carry is to Plano Library.  Mike Corda wrote a neat song for Mickey Rooney to record called, “Lover of the Simple Things”.  It’s not a bad mantra at all. To all of those who ‘carry’, I pray that you will never have to use it, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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