It was 1949 and we were the first graduating class to go twelve years in Mount Pleasant High School. Our typing teacher was an interesting study in Americana. She was single and dressed as if she were a pioneer. Ankle length dresses with high collar blouse and long hair in ringlets. Miss Harbour was a bit more interested in her ‘girls’ than any of us boys. I do not wish to infer there was any ‘hankey pankey”, but the girls in Typing II got the advantage. It really rancored us that we were graded on a ‘curve’ and there were those in the class who were given advantage to make better grades. Some of the girls were allowed to take electric typewriters and ‘practice sets’ home to ‘practice’. They always made near perfect scores on ‘practice sets’, thus putting an unfair skew on grades. Typing II class was somehow disturbed by an unusual number of ‘fire drills’.  How this came about was a mystery. I can now reveal that the student who was ‘accused’ of activating the fire alarm just outside the typing classroom was totally innocent. I know so, because the culprit is typing this blog at this time. The Fire Alarm controller was very close to the classroom door. My seat  was the last one in the back row,  right at the door. It was easy to slip out, hit the switch and get back to my seat while everyone was concentrating on their ‘practice set’ in their textbook. I simply ‘jumped’ and gasped with all the rest, every time the alarm sounded.  I didn’t do it so often to get caught and never told a soul until now, It really feels good to ‘go public’.  I have already been forgiven since JESUS washed away all my sin and GOD knew it all along. I probably should have cleared the air long ago while more of my classmates were around, but I just never thought about it until now. Funny how things like memories of little indiscretions  seem to happen more often now. It’s good to get the load off, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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