C K Eston

Thousands will recall his unique style as the “voice of Kyle Field” every game for years.  I heard that voice many times as I was honored to accompany Mike Mistovitch as he broadcast on KORA. I do have one memory that only those who were in attendance during worship service at First Baptist Church on the day C K taught his last Men’s Bible Class lesson. His was always the end seat, a few pews back from the front in which, during the sermon,  he usually fell asleep and was punched awake by his wife before he fell into the aisle. On this particular Sunday, he was presented with a fine new snap-brim hat by his adoring class of men. He proudly walked in and place it on the pew in front of his and all was well until a lady came in a sat on it. I am certain that lady will never forget how close she came from being propelled beyond the first row when C K jumped to his feet, shoved her violently, grabbed is new ‘flattened’ hat and marched out of the the service mumbling. I am certain, with his ability to use ‘salty’ language, he set fire to the ears of those who could understand what he was saying. I do not believe he could  have his new hat ‘blocked’. From my seat on the platform, I got a bird’s-eye view of the whole happenstance. As I recall, it was a few Sundays later before CK graced worship service. I do not know what happened to the fine new hat.

Aggieland is filled with great traditions, but the voice of C K Eston will long ring in the the annals of time. He milked it for all its worth: “Good Afternoon Football Fans, welcome to Kyle Field, home of the the Fightin’ Texas Aggies”.   GOD blessed those in his classes with his ability to share knowledge and his unique personality.  C. K. Eston, another of those who left a mark in many lives.  And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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