Phoenix and Southwest Airlines

I seldom failed to find someone I knew when changing planes in Phoenix.  One such meeting was with Perry Vass. His daddy and I spent many a night on a creek bank trying to catch a mess. Peck was a good friend, even though we disagreed on some things. Perry was like Houston Oiler wide-receiver, Charley Hennigan. He could catch anything thrown in his vicinity. Not his blazing speed, but his deceptive quickness got him ‘open’ a bunch of times. Perry was one of the stars of the Lamar Bulldog UNDEFEATED, UNSCORED ON football team coached by Bill Hodge. They could have matched the Miami Dolphin record, had they been a professional team. Far beyond their day, this group of junior high fellows simply played the game as near perfect as possible. I am sure there are folks who have their season record saved, somewhere, but it matters not. Pound-for-Pound, these youngsters were just about the most perfect collection of athletes you could find. It is so disappointing to think just what they could have accomplished had they been coached by the same leadership throughout their school days. If someone will send me the information, I will post the story of this outstanding football team, right here, in print, donchaknow. Really. GOD blessed little old Lamar Junior High with a true “Winner”.  It still warms my heart with the memory. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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