State Street Vegas

In the 80’s, I was riding high at one of the most popular radio stations in Las Vegas. I began part-time and ended up as Program/Operations Director of two different radio stations. A fairly famous personality lived in Vegas and was interested in broadcasting from his new, exclusive supper club, State Street. Of course, I recalled Gianni Russo as Carlo in The Godfather, but had no idea of the extent of this gentleman’s talent. We broadcast live from State Street weekly and Gianni thrilled the audiences with his exceptional singing  I have lost contact with Gianni, but will never forget his warmth and sincere interest in providing quality service to the after hours crowd that included the top names in performers and celebrities. You will not find our broadcasts listed among Gianni Russo’s credits, but it should be there. He never did anything half-way and his contribution to the glitz and glamour of ‘Sin City’ is unsurpassed. I pray for my friend and fellow performer, Gianni Russo.  His has not been an easy life, but those of us who have been privileged to know him are truly blessed. May GOD keep him, safe and secure.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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