A Labor of Love

Anyone who participates in a successful ‘team effort’ is motivated by some degree of love and affection. This is especially true of musical organizations. Hours of intense preparation result in an internalized respect and caring for the team.  The Bible says that “Obedience is better than Sacrifice”, but it has been my experience that my choirs had both in equal parts. Too many singers did it year after year (some for over half of their entire tenure) and that proves my point. You ask the hundreds of former students from elementary through high school and beyond, “Why do it?”, and a majority will respond, “Because I loved it!”  Years I spent in Willis, Cedar Bayou, Pampa, Bryan, Las Vegas and Charlotte can only be described as “Labors of Love”. Every year brought new experience of the joy of music and the privilege of sharing, unselfishly, the gift of voices in praise. I am truly blessed with the memory of those young faces, totally giving away their time and effort, lovingly and without reservation. The majority of my choir gave year-after-year for five years. FIVE years of  “Mr. Austin” were not easy years and some couldn’t wait to matriculate, but over the span of time, it was all worth the effort, donchaknow. My list of ‘silent voices’ continues to grow. By now, the number will exceed the membership in the average A Cappella Choir.  Today, I regret to add a name of one of my moonbeams, Larry Mauldin.  Talk about someone who LOVED CHOIR!!  So, now would be a good time for those who know, to share the names of other “Silent Voices”. It would be good to share in edification of the body. Really! So, won’t you please help by adding names of “Heaven’s Honor Roll of Mr. Austin’s MoonBeams”.  I know of this year’s names: Randy Wilson, Johnny Rouse and Larry Mauldin. These I recall. Please take time to add names of other “Lovers of Labor”. You can do so on Facebook’s “Jim Austin Choir” page.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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