I have a mobility scooter that simply attracts attention around Savannah Apartments. It is the best investment I’ve made this year, other than time spent in a mellowyello SmartCar. HiHoSilver got her name the first time I mounted and hit the power. She reared up and  gave me quite a start. After recovering and parking her in my palatial man-cave, I noted two small wheels attached to the rear bumper. I thought they were left there from shipping or something, then it dawned on me, “That’s why she didn’t fall backwards when you put the pedal to the metal, donchaknow.” HiHoSilver (see pic) is a silver E-36 electric trike that will do a blistering 20MPH  for up to 45-miles on one charge. With horn, turn-signals, backup beeper, driving lights and alarm, my baby is a chic magnet and the fellows like her too. My family thinks it a bit much, but at my age, any little thrill is about as good as it gets. By the time I placed TAM logo and such on her, she just about is the best little set of wheels around, other than my claim on mellowyellow. Really. Every morning I awaken, excited to do so and look forward to – after exercise – a reward of a tool around Savannah at Westgate on HiHoSilver. You Bet! GOD is So GOOD to me. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. AMEN

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