You Are Sitting in My Seat!

Creatures of Habit, aren’t we? Back in Bryan, Texas there were certain seats ‘reserved’ for some choir members in the loft. Families had specific places in certain pews and very seldom allowed strangers to ‘pass’ to empties.  Up until I was about 10, I had a place, 3rd row, just right of center aisle, at the end of the pew in order for my mother to keep her eyes on me during worship. First Chair was earned in every section of musical organizations. People have a favorite chair at the dinner table and family room. I can sit anywhere, here in my penthouse, since I’m the only one in the place. We always sat in the same seats in the school cafeteria and I discovered just how ‘sacred’ seating was when I lived in Colonial Village in Longview. I had difficulty finding another seat when someone was seated in ‘mine’. Most of the time, when someone chose the ‘wrong’ seat, they were told not to sit there by someone nearby. It saved embarrassment, donchaknow. I can’t find where the Bible speaks of where we sit at GOD’s dinner table. It could be because we won’t need to eat, but I believe things are pretty well structured up there. I will have a mansion, but if there is nothing that would endanger me like storms or pestilence or heat or cold, why would it be necessary? I’m sure there are theories about Heaven’s details, but for me it’s just fine for me to wonder. Wonderment is what I expect and to be included in the host is simply all I will ever desire, nearly. Really. I have just one question for you now. Will we see each other there? I have a big concern, also. That is why I am so determined to share JESUS and HIS Free Gift of eternality. May GOD be Glorified and HIS Mercy and Grace abound in your heart. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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