I was sitting in Mooyah in The Colony, Texas when a young boy came over to ask if I was an AGGIE?  I must have looked rather surprised so he looked down at my ring. His father held up his hand with an AGGIE ring on it. Aggies are a special breed, donchaknow.  I have a plethora of tees from Aggieland, and they draw attention, especially at WalMart. Further proof of the love of Aggieland is my 24 sqft Fatboy above my recliner. GOD placed me here in Plano so that I could be cared for by two Aggie Doctors and an Aggie Pastor. So, now you know why I am “Too Blessed to be depressed and Too Anointed to be disappointed.”  I have been an avid supporter of the Houston Oilers, Sam Houston Bearkats, Dallas Cowboys, Texas Aggies, UNLV Rebels, Houston Gamblers, Las Vegas Gladiators, Dallas Desperados and Philadelphia Soul (the last 4 teams were playing indoors and only the Soul is still active).  If I find that there are former students playing any sport, I will follow them. Of course, I am deeply disappointed that Jordan Spieth attended that school over in Austin, but my father and I were saved by a lady sharing her “longhorn’ sport blanket once in Texas Stadium when one of those ‘blue northers’ moved in. My Dad would have been a ‘longhorn’ had he not cut-off his first finger in a workshop accident. He was invited to play baseball in burnt-orange and white, donchaknow.) I made a visit to Texas upon graduation from high school, but determined to attend East Texas Baptist College instead. And that’s another story. It took Dr. Paul Hensarling and Dr. Earl Jones to see me earn my advanced degree.  I love football and am about to love the Sacramento Kings since Justin Jackson will be playing there, but my heart remains in the Blue Star and the ATM (I pray no one attempts to change that logo. I know there are those misguided souls who think change is necessary, but let’s NOT, OK?  Some things need to be left the way they are and that’s what  I get from My Box of Chocolates.    AMEN

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