The Tabb Reunion

From the time I was a teenager up until a few years back, every July Fourth weekend was spent in East Texas. We gathered in Mt. Pleasant for years, then moved to Union Hill, Saltillo and one other place I can’t recall( the last I attended). When MattieT Austin and Velma Coffman passed away, only the Virgil Tabb clan continued to gather, supervised by Dottie and Alton Green.  The first one I recall was in 1949 and was attended by over 150 kinfolk. It was held at the rec center at the Mt. Pleasant Refinery.  The number dwindled as folks passed away and there were less than 35 in attendance at our last one. (that number was mostly my Uncle Virgil and Aunt Flora Mae’s clan).  As I look back, I am amazed that all that food transported from all over Texas didn’t poison us. The most dangerous was the potato salad, followed by egg salad or deviled eggs.  It was easy for my immediate family to shop at KC, since all the other ladies tried to outdo each other with their ‘signature’ dish. Our desserts were delicious and very seldom did we have ‘store bought’. During the first years, one of the high points was homemade peach ice cream at 119 S. Church. My son was the official “rotator” of the ice cream freezer and as the years dwindled down, the Saltillo fireworks display caught our fancy. Saltillo is a small farming community, just off I-30 between Mt.Pleasant and Sulphur Springs. The Green’s home was just a few miles off 30, with a convenient Fireworks stand at the exit. The Tabb Reunion must have been their main source of profit. I think every family stopped there to purchase their share.

It is raining in Plano and our forecast is for thunder showers and heat. It may curtail events such as the Tabb Reunion and limit the fireworks displays, but we, as a nation, still enjoy just what this day means. We do not seem to appreciate just WHO makes our Freedom possible, but HE, in HIS unlimited GRACE and MERCY, continues to wait for “His people to seek HIS face, humble ourselves, pray and turn from wickedness, HE will hear from Heaven, Forgive all our sin and heal our land.” That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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