An Enchanted Life

As you read this you must join me in celebrating “LIFE”.  The Bible teaches that ‘man’ is designed to live on earth for four score. If you have lived as long as I, then we are living Echanted Lives.  To what purpose?  Now, that’s where we become individual.  I can only answer for myself.  I believe that GOD created every one of us for a specific purpose. Aside from HIS desire that we Glorify HIM by accepting the Gift of Salvation and living a life that will do so, our course is set. How successful we are in that course is limited only to the degree of our disobedience.  HE gave us the freedom to ‘take the wheel’ and turn whatever corner we wished.  HE also provided a “GPS” called THE HOLY SPIRIT whose very quiet “directions” were easily over-shouted by our arrogance.  I made a bunch of ‘wrong turns’, but through HIS MERCY and GRACE, my life has been truly enchanted. through HIS provision.  I matriculated through over thirty years of ‘higher learning’, mostly on scholarships. With ability to sing, I managed to ‘perform’ well enough to live pretty well. I am blessed with four beautiful children and they have enriched my life with eight more.  I have been honored with over sixty years of companionship with two beautiful ladies and some very special friends. For over 45-years of successful broadcasting, I was enshrined into the Nevada Broadcasters’ Hall of Fame in 2001; directed some extremely outstanding high school and junion high school choirs;  directed many very successful stage productions and even walked the boards, professionally.  I even had a voice-over in a nationally televised hour-long program for NASCAR, and have most of my faculties. So, as I share this conversation from my beautiful ‘penthouse suite’ in Savannah of Westgate in Plano, Texas.  let’s all take a moment to say, “To GOD Be The Glory for the things HE has done!” And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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