After being corrected by family and friends for a number of times,  I  “WaterWader” do solemnly promise to refrain from publishing falsehoods. How humiliating it is to feel strongly about something and write flowingly about something to learn that all that flowing is detritus. Number “44” is not returning to UNC.  All Star, Jackson, will be wearing the uniform of Sacramento in the upcoming NBA season.  Even at number 15, he went in the first round and that should give him and his soon-to-be-bride a very comfortable living style. So, now that I have cleared the air with a soul-cleansing confession, I digress to the Arena Football League.  From a dozen teams last year, there are only five active this year. My Philadelphia Soul is undefeated as they move into the final games. They have already qualified for the playoffs and, even though they do not blow opponents away,  they are the best team.  I am very pleased that the Arena Football League allows fans to watch games streamed live on their official website.  Budget requirements forced me to downgrade to basic cable, thus losing access to many sports channels, but since my Cowboys are always televised locally and since I can watch ESPN by internet, I really am in good shape. From now on, I promise to communicate what I know to be true and relate how good it is to awaken each morning. Just like my buddy, Leon Hale, I am blessed in my confused state, but it’s ok, since I can’t remember what is the problem.  I can report that the SmartCar is amply roomy for a six-foot-plus fellow and since the door takes up most of the side of the car, it’s a snap for ingress and egress, donchaknow.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.     AMEN

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