Jordan Being Jordan

Tied  into the second sudden death play-off, it appeared that Jordan Spieth was about to lose again. It has happened a number of times this year. Daniel Berger played better golf than he did over the back nine.  Commentators thought Berger would be ‘pumped’ over his success and gave the nod to him.  Jordan hit his approach shot into the same bunker that gave him trouble to first play-off. Daniel hooked into the high grass and his approach was less than optimum., but he was on the green, so it looked like the experts were right, and then, from the bunker, Jordan Spieth hit the perfect shot that sped directly into th cup! The crowd went wild and Daniel was yet to put, so Jordan quieted the spectators and allowed his opponent to do his best. His put was short and Jordan won the Travelers. I like Jordan Spieth. I like his manners and his graciousness. He plays to win and is very good at it, but he is a good sport when it doesn’t happen. He is pretty tough on himself, and that’s not a bad thing, except when it gets in the way of precision golf. His caddie deserves credit for this win, for sure. He calmed Jordan down when things looked darkest and that makes me proud of him also. Daniel said, “Jordon is being Jordan”, when asked by an interviewer.  Thank GOD, he is and I even forgive him for  being a ‘teasip’, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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