Alias Jay Greer, J Nik Walker or Steve Wade

Entertainers seldom use their real names.  In broadcasting it is a good idea to be someone else “on-the-air”.  The same goes for professional actors. Movies are full of ‘stars’ whose names have been legally changed. Many of them were changed by the management of their particular studio. Some were changed by personal managers and some by the person. My first radio ‘gig’ was in Pampa, Texas at KPDN. I was moonlighting, so I used the name, Jay Greer. Some years after that, I was doing consulting work in Amarillo and called one of the remaining partners to say hello. I failed to identify myself as “Jay Greer” and he had no idea who I was. He must have thought he had a real nutcase on the phone. During my tenure in professional theater, I used J Nik Walker. As a member of Equity Actors Union, I couldn’t register as Jim Austin since there already was a “Jim Austin”. At that time I was ‘overnights’ at KODA-fm in Houston as “Nik Walker”, so I registered as J Nik Walker with Equity.  I had backstage visits  and notes from folks and some were quite surprised to see me “up there”.  I was mentioning the show a few months ago and one of those present couldn’t wait to inform me that she couldn’t find my name listed in the cast, at all. I had failed to explain it originally and her bubble did ‘pop’! I worked for a time at KHFI in Austin as ‘Steve Wade’. (Wade was my father’s middle name and it has always been a favorite among my kin) This blog is a spin-off of that, along with the Spiritual. “Wade in de Water”.  When I applied for my job at KODA in Houston, I put stress on the program director. He was using “Jim Austin” at another station as he moonlighted on week-ends. I recall seeing him sneak a peek around his office door when my name was announced as a visitor.  He offered me the job immediately, probably in relief that I wasn’t there as trouble. Aliases are not popular with just the criminal element, donchaknow and I do not believe any of mine will be in The Book of Life, Really! And, that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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