Did Alexander Think it Would Come To This?

The first phone number I recall was 46-J. It must have had six or eight ‘parties’ on it and it was nothing to hear my mother say, “Hang up the phone, Trixie!”  I was envious of my best friend’s ‘private line’. His phone number was “4”. Just “4”.  That was in Mt. Pleasant, Texas in the early forties. I recall the first dial-tone number was PA4-3102 (for PArkview).  The ‘4-3102’ remained for years,  with a number of different prefixes. There are some who can recall all their phone numbers and license plates, but today, I sometimes forget my own. My parents had the same phone number and house address for their whole life. I can’t recall the house numbers, but I can recall the cities, states and streets where I have lived. As to phone numbers, simply forget it. And as for cell phones, forget that too. I am so relieved to not have to deal with “TXT”ing ever again. I have progressed to CallCaption and that’s where I shall stay. Hearing loss restricts the clarity of a cell-phone call, but with the CallCaption, I can ‘read’ what is being said and can save it for review. The only problem is diction. Sometimes I get strange words when the speaker isn’t speaking English or slurs words. All-in-all, CallCaption is a GODsend, donchaknow, and even though Alexander Graham Bell probably had no idea just what his invention would lead to, the good-old handset is the best.  Other than weather related disturbance, my biggest problem is paying for the doggone service, donchaknow, Really! It’s not just a ‘plug-in’ any more. You have to have ‘internet’ that requires a modem. But, life isn’t always a dream and to wake up every morning is a very good thing, at that and today I get to play a few domino hands with friends. GOD IS GOOD! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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