The Beginning of an End

Today is the birthday of one of my first students in Bryan Schools. Roger Ayers’ father owned a dry cleaning establishment and just after I began as a State Farm Agent, it became very obvious that “the Farm’s” philosophy was designed to put money in its coffers for a ‘training’ period for new agents who were to insure cars first. Yes, new agents were established and set with a ‘draw’, but the first years in business were lean ones. Mr. Ayers contacted me to provide commercial insurance for his business. That excited me as I discovered the much better money available in Commercial Insurance. I did a no-no by focusing on development of Commercial business and that did not please “the Farm”. I was not the most co-operative player and was destined to find another job. I recall just how Mr. Ayers and this poor agent were disappointed in the whole situation. While on that subject, I find the move toward more ‘hep’ television spots leaves something to be desired on my part. State Farm was just fine being  a “Good Neighbor” instead of gestures and spiritualism, donchaknow. Happy Birthday, Roger. It was my pleasure to be your choral director. We had a good run. I can’t recall all those great years, but what I do remember still brings me joy and satisfaction. Nothing like the JOY of CHRIST, but close, really close. To all who shared those happy hours in the hallowed halls of SFA, “The Lord Bless You and Keep You”! That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN


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