Friend For Life

I received a comment from a former student who remembered Troy Dungan and was a fan, both in Bryan and Houston. To those of you who have been blessed with true friendship, you know just how much this great man means to me. We have been close friends for nearly 60-years and during all that time, Troy has warmed my heart with his special caring. I enjoyed a bit of success in a number of fields, but this man is a record-holder at television weather reporting. He and I worked at Channel Three in Bryan when Channel Three in Bryan was a step-child of Channel Ten in Waco. We got all our programming by microwave with the exception of “Town Talk”, Local News and Sports. Troy was our Local News Director and I was a part-time ‘whatever’. He and I shared frog-gigging and poptarts. He rocked by son to sleep many a night as our ‘dessert’ was being prepared. He came to my rescue and welcomed me in his home following surgery in Houston in the early 70’s. He was kind enough to include my family as they happened to be having dinner in the same restaurant. He thrilled my mother when her church group attended an event where he was the featured speaker. MattieT never stopped talking about Troy and how “‘Sweet’ he Is”.  And He IS. Solid and supportive. Unfettered by make believe. He’s the one who gave me my favorite saying, “Too Anointed to be disappointed and Too Blessed to be depressed.” How could I be otherwise with Troy Dungan and his beautiful wife, Janet, in my corner?  With a friend like this, bring on the enemies! Really!  Too GOD be the Glory for My Buddy!  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

2 thoughts on “Friend For Life

  1. Thank you, Troy for being a loving and true friend to our Dad for all these years.
    You have been a blessing to us Austins for many years. We love you.



  2. Hey Friend Jim. I was out of touch over the past long weekend as Janet and I helped our 10 year old granddaughter celebrate her birthday (along with her Mom – our daughter Wyn-Erin, Wyn-Erin’s husband Drew – Jacqelynne’s dad – and her little sister Catherine) in Yukon Oklahoma.
    Thus I didn’t see this post till just now. What a sweet tribute. I ain’t that good or nice. But I have learned that when a friend gives you a compliment, just say thank you with a humble heart. So, thank you Jim. And God bless!


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