OK, I confess! For the first time in over sixty years, I am ‘single’.  For the first time in my life, I live alone. My spirit tells me that I’m not alone, but the ‘natural’ man gets lonely. I have had a number of pets, my last one was a cute, twelve-pound Pomeranian named MattieT. She got her name from my Mom. Mattie Tabb was uniquely different and totally comfortable in her body. She did pretty much as she willed and her will was very strong. Miss MattieT had that same attitude. “If” she liked what was requested, she might consider it, but most of the time, It was her way or NOWAY. I discovered that I simply couldn’t care for her as needed, so my daughter found a perfect home for her. At last report, she was sublimely ‘at home’ with her new family. For that I am  very thankful. I do miss her and MAX. I lost MAX while he was being transported to a family in Bryan. It hurts a bit to talk about that. Out of sheer  boredom and curiosity I recently responded to a “social meeting website” for pet owners. I’ve not paid to upgrade, so all I get is ‘flirts’ or ‘hearts’, so I have no idea as to just what is going on, but the gist indicates a lonely hearts kind of outfit. Not too much information about ‘pets’, donchaknow. That brings up the subject of all the pets who have filled my life with companionship. There have been three cats, one bird and thirteen dogs:

Pearl was a Burmese beauty we found in the pound in Vegas.

Spook was a Main Coon who fetched a toy.

Rainbow was supposed to be a male, talking Parakeet. She wasn’t.

Tippie was my first Toy Terrier. (Poisoned)

Rowdy(or “WeeWee” as my Dad called hime) was a Beagle mix.(poisoned)

Heidi was a miniature Dachshund. (run over)

Paladin was a cross Bassett/Beagle who finally stopped looking for Martha.

Thor was a beautiful Elkhound and the best trained of the lot.

Brewster was a Cocker Spaniel step-dog who disappeared.

Muffet was a cross- breed cutie who found a good home with two elderly sisters in San Antonio.

Holly was a strange White Shepherd who was sent into dithers with fireworks. She disappeared one Fourth of July in Vegas.

Lacey was a great Lab who became a ‘seeing-eye’ companion for a gentleman in Vegas.

Prince was a Pomeranian who was a sweetheart.

Keisha was a beautiful Pom, bred to show, but too headstrong to mind.

MattieT is ‘MattieT’, bringing love into a home here in Texas.

MAX, a beautiful cross Chow/Retriever that I miss terribly.

Tragically, we had to put down the cats and three of our pups. MattieT is the only one remaining and MAX died of a broken heart.

As a postscript: never get involved with these ‘people-meet-people’ offers. They are like ordering from infomercials. You have to keep ‘paying’ a bit more to get full access. The ‘Natural’ man is easy prey to loneliness and anxiety is of the devil.  That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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