Never Do’s

  • Never begin playing a horn with a cushion-rim mouthpiece.
  • Never post personal information on the internet unless it is totally secured, and then it may not be.
  • Never reveal that you are away from your home on social media.
  • Never leave your garage door open.
  • Never give your personal information to a total stranger.
  • Never take a wedding vow lightly.
  • Never make a promise that you have the slightest doubt about.
  • Never fail to show and share love to others.
  • Never dicker with GOD.
  • Never say Never.
  • Never promise consequences without carrying them out.
  • Never loan money to a friend or relative. Make it a ‘gift’ instead.
  • Never deny help when you can give it.
  • Never spend a dime in the hopes that it will pay off.
  • Never play games of chance without considering just how they can afford all those lights and employees, and  never close.
  • Never fall for Telemarketing.
  • Never think that something is free. The only thing I know that is guaranteed is Salvation through the shed blood of JESUS CHRIST.
  • Never Hate Anyone.
  • Never Hate At All.
  • Never Fail to Ask Forgiveness and never expect “Forgetness”.
  • Never think that I don’t Love You even if you don’t love me.
  • Never try to pet a skunk or strange dog.
  • Never fail to pray for each other.
  • Never fail to call your parents while they’re still alive.
  • Never fail to be a good friend.
  • Never fail to read my Blog.

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