Free Money

I just got a phone call from someplace in Indiana. I usually don’t answer, but I did and there was a pause and a very broken english voice asked for “Jeemes”.  Obviously not born in Texas, I responded with ‘Hello, this is James”. And low and behold, the government had selected my name and phone number to receive a $9000.00 gift with no strings attached and no need to ever repay.  I felt that PCH had knocked on my door, donchaknow.  I said, “That’s great, I accept anything FREE, except I know that when my government gives anything away, the cost eventually trickles down, doesn’t it. So, I must, regretfully, turn this gift down and save myself the cost thereof.  (Silence…and ‘click’)  The only money I ever  accepted from the government was a refund on Income Tax and that was few and far between. When we stop taking Washington’s “free gifts”, maybe they’ll be a lot closer to living within our means. I deleted this call along with the hundreds that are welcoming me as I approach age sixty-five. Either folks have a lot of time on their hands or a bunch of others are easily scammed. Is it really true that many folks will accept anything as truth without checking the facts. Surely not. Well…. that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.  AMEN

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