Proving My Age

My 86th birthday was on February 7. From just prior to now, I’ve had over 200 “Welcome to 65” phone calls, from mostly North Carolina. Today I got a doozie! A very nice lady excitedly announced that she had the solution to my “Student Loan” costs. Now, that’s a HOOT, donchaknow!  I never had a student loan in the first place since my college expense was paid through scholarships. I recall the unsolicited credit card was sent to my step-daughter in the 80’s. I thought that could be a problem, but she managed to take care of it very well. I have to struggle not to use credit. It must be a glitch in my make-up. I blew it when I was issued my first VISA and that keeps me ‘sane’. I have no idea as to just how much my college education cost. I am fairly certain it didn’t crowd $100K like today. I’ve shared just how cavalier I was about it. In most of my courses, I really felt the prof should be paying us for sitting through it. There were exceptions, however, and most of them were in my advanced degree. I find it extremely interesting to know some very successful men and women who never completed a college degree. In retrospect, I can’t imagine them being any more successful if they had done so. I do think some of our current college graduates seem to have a totally different concept of life. They also seem to be much less joyful, donchaknow.  Really.  Anyway, it’s kinda nice to be ‘carded’ as an octogenarian. That’s what I get from MyBox of Chocolates.   AMEN

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