Left Behind

This is a personal message to those of us who ARE.  If you have a special person who impacted your life and that person is still around, please share your appreciation with them.  I have been blessed by former students and good friends who have taken the time to do so, and it makes such a difference in the loneliness that comes when we ARE. It shames me to think of those who made a difference in my life and my failure to express my deep gratitude while they were still around to enjoy it. I would like to think that they knew how important they were to me, but I am sorry to never put it into words or writing. They were so very important and I am composing my “Hall of Fame” to share at a later date. It will not surprise me to know that you may have them on your “wall”, also. Of course, my first names are:


Samuel Wade Austin

Mattie Tabb Austin

That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

One thought on “Left Behind

  1. Mr. A, both you AND Mrs. Austin were my favorite teachers and both of you had a great impact on my years in Jr. and Sr. High schools…..and even my life! Thank you both for all you taught us! God bless you both and keep you both safe, healthy and safe! Luv to both of you! Michele Poe 🙂


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