The Folded Tent

Tim McCoy, Frank Buck, Gargantua and Emit Kelley brought excitement to this Center Ring, but after over 100-years, there is a silent, folded tent bearing the Ringling Brothers’ name. That indeed saddens me. I am among those who witnessed “The Greatest Show On Earth”, up close and personal. From Cowboy Stars to “Bring- ‘Em-Back-Alive”, Frank Buck, I witnessed the thrill of every one of the special acts and wild animals, including the giant gorilla, “Gargantua”. I even played as a pick-up ‘high school’ trumpet player for one of those independent traveling circuses that appeared in my home town. I must admit that I’ve not attended a circus for years, but just the opportunity to do so, now that it has been removed, is a bit painful. The biggest regret is that I never totally conquered the difficult riffs for trumpet in “Barnum and Bailey’s Favorite” theme song, but is was fun while it lasted. Some things we should never out-grow, I guess, and “the day the circus came to town” may never happen again for small American communities and it’s a bit of a bummer, donchaknow. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates. Really!  AMEN


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