Pulling Hen’s Teeth

Every interview doesn’t go as planned. Many of the following spoke a loud “uhoh!” as we sat down to begin, but I tried anyway. My first “celeb” try was Johnny Mathis. He was appearing in a Dallas Supper Club and was more interested in the pretty blonde waitress than anything we were saying.  Monosyllable responses were about all I got from Peggy Fleming, Hugh O’Brien, Irish Mccalla, Chill Wills, Virginia Mayo, James MacArthur, Milton Berle and Ben Vereen. The many that did work made up for all these. My most fun was when I did telephone time with The King Sisters, Frankie Laine, Bing Crosby, Doris Day, Mitch Miller and ‘open mic’ time with Vincent Price, Eileen Rodgers, Robert Blake,  Bob Goulet, Sonny James, Jimmy Wakely, The DeCastro Sisters, The McGuire Sisters and ‘Wild’ Bill Elliott. I did too many interviews with sports celebs to count. After doing the research I should  have done back then, if I had realized the talents outside acting that many had, the whole thing would have been better. I was in awe when I met Bob Hayes of Dallas Cowboy fame and regret that I didn’t record an interview with “Bullet” Bob. Now, I just talk back to Fox News and my immediate family, donchaknow. Really. That’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates.   AMEN

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