We  enrolled at Sam in the summer of 1950 and stayed in a rooming house just off the college campus. We saw each other very seldom. I was in the college quartet with Jimmy, but A. J. was only around at bedtime. I was fortunate to land a scholarship that provided all my tuition and books plus $25 each month to secure the Music Building each night. Marilyn worked at the prison for ‘Big Daddy’ Roberts in the Records division and I worked as a movie projectionist, cab driver, service station manager and part-time church music minister. Along with the membership in the College Quartet, I made very few classes. My final grades reflect that fact, but I did graduate with a Music Degree in 1953. I taught one year in Cedar Bayou while Marilyn completed her degree. We then went to the Texas Panhandle to teach in Pampa Junior High. She taught girls’ PE and I had the junior high choir. I also began working the night shift at KPDN. I had a great year at Pampa Junior High, highlighted by a production of “Mississippi Melody”, loosely based on “Showboat”. I probably would have remained a teacher had the opportunity to move up to the Pampa High School Choir position, but the principal refused to accept my application since  “I looked younger than his seniors”. At that point, I went to Amarillo to work fill-in for on-air personalities at KFDA-am. It was a fluke that provided television experience. Between broadcasting, part-time music ministry, professional theater and teaching, I managed to live a very exciting life. To think it was due to something I did shows just how arrogant natural man can be, donchaknow. Really. And that’s what I get from My Box of Chocolates and all I can say about that.  AMEN

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